Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Progress on Santa's kitchen/Bakery

I buckled down and made alot of progress on Santa's kitchen/bakery today. I'm going to need some more supplies but I think I will be able to knock out the exterior in a few more days. Then it is onto Thanksgiving photos in the Gothic Mansion. 

Here is the progress photos on the front.

Here is Sooki standing outside . There are some of the little charms with the 'icing' over the door and window. 

Above are the details on the window and door. I'm not yet finished with the roof, I have some more detailing to do to that. I want to find some smaller charms to scatter over that. I was thinking of maybe adding glitter to the top with some spray glue. 

The charms around the door and the window and at the top edge of the bakery are Christmas ornaments, mini, from Hobby Lobby that I cut the strings off of. I wanted the bakery to look like a Gingerbread house. I want to add alot more decoration to the outside so I will need more embellishments and dimensional paints. My main objective was that it should look like a gingerbread house, and I looked at Pinterest at Gingerbread houses. Gingerbread Houses on Pinterest is my board.  

Just a sneak peek. I have so many pics to take it's not funny- my Supermodel Covergirl Veronique just arrived as well. 

I haven't had time to take her out of the box yet! I'm planning to take photos of her with my new little white Christmas tree! She is so beautiful. 

Enjoy !


Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
The gingerbread house looks great! I think the little mini ornaments really add a nice touch and the "icing" roof looks awesome! Your new doll is STUNNING. What a pretty face. :)

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Farrah Lily! Sooki isn't new, I have had her for a couple of years, she has been buried in my shelves, lol. She is one of my favorite spooki Integrity dolls I couldn't bear to sell, lol. She looks great in Christmas outfits! I wish I had the first Sooki, who looks like Wednesday Addams, that one was really cute. I missed out on her.

Hopefully I can get out today to get some more supplies to work on the exterior, it is looking better than expected. I surfed Pinterest last night and have some great ideas for it.

Phyllis said...

Love the gingerbread house bakery! What a good idea. Your new Veronique Perrin Covergirl doll from the Supermodel Convention is really pretty. She is definitely one of my favs from the convention. I think maybe Farrah Lily was referring to her, not Sooki when she mentioned your new doll ;). Spooki Sooki is an awesome doll from Dynamite girls. I actually bought a couple extras of this doll as I love her body and used it for a couple of my Twilight Barbies because of the really pale skin.

You always amaze me with all of the projects you actually complete each season! I wish I would just get one done! I think I need to get better organized.

Lisa Neault said...

Phyllis you are right! Farrah Lily, forgive me for misunderstanding, LOL...DUH. I need to read better. I had totally forgot about posting about the new lottery doll.

I still haven't deboxed her! I am waiting until I get the right props to photograph her with. I have this cool little white tree with ornaments that match her gown. I love the colors of her dress.

I love Sooki too- all of the versions of this little doll. But this version I agree, her body is just right. I don't blame you for buying extras. I have never got around to washing out her hair for some reason which would look better.

I started this project actually back in January/February and meant to have it finished by March or April, but that is when I got sick with the kidney stones. I meant to have a couple of projects finished by now...ugh.

Jaye said...

I can't wait to see your bakery complete, Lisa. I enjoyed the last one.