Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cover Girl Veronique Decorating the Tree...

I have finally deboxed my Lottery doll Cover Girl Veronique that I tried for that Integrity offered after the convention. I did not order as much as I did last year, though some of the Poppy dolls were wonderful this year. I thought Cinematic was the best convention. Actually, I ordered nothing  this year except trying for the two lottery dolls. I got this lovely. 

Earlier in the month I had won a $10 free gift card on Facebook at 
Through The Garden Gate Antiques where I used it to purchase this wonderful little white Christmas tree. Perfect for the dolls! I've always wanted to do a display in my dining room with the dolls in their evening gowns around the tree decorating. Veronique decked out in blue just screamed for a change this year. I had previously gone to the doll show before stopping in at Through the Garden Gate that day and this tree was one of my treasures I picked up. 

Some of these were taken with my phone and some were taken with my camera, so the first three are more clear, funny how my phone has a better camera. 

I have more pics to show but will post those on a later time. I haven't finished the Santa's bakery yet, it is slow going. Seems there is so much real preparation to do for the holidays that I don't have enough time to do all the holiday dioramas that I want to do!

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