Friday, November 11, 2016

Doll show finds...and a Pool table for the Gothic Mansion

There was a doll show at the Richmond Raceway complex called the Christmas Doll & Teddy bear show that is something I always attend and several members of my doll club always make a habit of selling at. I picked up some cute outfits that were really cheap, some Barbie horses for $3 each that I intend to customize, and a cute pool table and backdrop for my dolls from my friend Leslie who was selling with the club and had picked up these items at Kenvention and brought them back for me. 

First up, was the shop backdrop. It was two sided and folds up. 

the other side was a ladies' boutique

Here are the horses-

They are a little small for Vanessa and other fashion Royalty ladies but great for Harry and Poppy

Here is the pool table. It came with two cue sticks and the balls, which can really roll into the holes on the sides and fall into a little triangular black tray underneath and be stacked like a real pool table. 

It is a little short, but I love it. It looks impressive in the mansion.

The Professor and the Count got quite competitive during the game. 

Here you can see how large the room is in regards to the props.

I decided to experiment with Christmas decorations so I redressed Vanessa and posed her in a Christmas outfit on that staircase. She looked stunning.

Here it is with the tree at the foot of the steps. I am thinking of putting a dining room table where the pool table is, with chairs, and a server with the maid and butler serving the meal and presents everywhere for the holidays. 

One more of Vanessa...she looks so lovely against the red velvet and brocade wallpaper. 

I got alot done today as far as dioramas went. I even worked on Santa's kitchen!! Here are the photos of the back roof!!!

Know this doesn't sound like alot, but I wasn't sure it would turn out looking as good as this on a first try. I have to let it dry and then do the front tomorrow. I have purchased the little candies from Hobby Lobby so am going to try to finish the exterior this weekend in between getting the house ready for Christmas this weekend with the hubcap's help. 

All for now- enjoy the pics~Lisa


The grandmommy said...

You did well in your shopping! Those dapper men need a nice room and pool table to play on. The balls roll into the holes etc. Don't you love it when things work like real!
The horses are great. I would love to see their manes blowing in the wind. lol

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! Actually there were loads of items I could have purchased at the show- there was a lovely angel barbie, and outfits galore for the dolls! As well as more dolls to purchase! LOL. This show is always a great one, especially for the reproduction french fashion dolls, the Huret dolls were there and I was able to talk to my dealer. But the horses were a huge unexpected 'find', I haven't done a custom horse in a while.

Vanessa said...

Love that backdrop! Especially the male side. For at least 2 years now I've been wanting to build a men's shop. I cut out shop pictures for the dio, but still haven't made it happen. Seeing your backdrop has me thinking about it again. Happy to see you are back to doing what you love.

Phyllis said...

Wow, Lisa, alot of great finds! Maybe you can some how elongate the legs on the pool table? Anyway, it is great the way it is. The progress on your dios is awesome and I can see you have accomplished a lot! I can see why you are happy with the progress you have made!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Vanessa, and Phyllis!
Vanessa, there are probably many great finds for men's shops on ebay- just type in 'Kenvention' which is where this backdrop is from. My friend Leslie attends Kenvention and has some amazing stuff she buys at each Kenvention. She goes to both Barbie and Kenventions each year. They do a backdrop and centerpiece and I purchased this one from her from the previous year. I think she is selling her excess on ebay. She had alot of stuff at the doll show. She brought me back this pool table which is from Kenvention.
Phyllis, I am sad that I just never got the Halloween photos together. But Maybe I can set up some spookfest photos later. Thanksgiving is coming, and so is Christmas and If I don't get a move on, I won't get any of those photos!! I am also working on getting Santa's kitchen done too. I have been so ill this year and there were alot of Christmas themed scenes I wanted to do. Making up for lost time. I love doing a Thanksgiving scene with the dolls as well. I want to do that in the Gothic mansion too.

Romona Jennings said...

Incredible work.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Hi Lisa!
I love your room dio and the pool table! I like your idea of changing out the pool table for a large dining room table for Christmas. It would be perfect for that large room. :-)

Lisa Neault said...

Romona Jennings, Cindi, thank you! I meant to get right back on the diorama but havent' been able to because of my own home cleanup for the holidays, lol. Hopefully the dolls will be able to have Thanksgiving with us.