Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summertime games dolls play...

There is a tag game on Flicker called Summertime and it is showing how your dolls celebrate Summertime. I thought it would be fun to drag out some dolls who don't get that much photo time. Two of them are dolls I intend to use for my Big Bang gang, as I am currently collecting custom heads for the guys, I already have a Sheldon head. 

Amy is a Barbie basics on one of those flat footed bodies that were popular a few years ago, I can't remember the names of the dolls now. I transplanted my Happy Family grandma onto one of these. The feet are a trifle big but they work for Amy who is flatfooted and short. I decided to use Groovy Galore for Penny since she has that early sultry look Penny used to have. I hate the new Penny with short hair. 

Amy has her 'summertime' fun planned with her laptop to look up things, a stack of mystery novels to read, and a cold bottle of water. Penny was hoping to get her to play a round of croquet but that wasn't going to happen!

Amy's ensemble came from a variety of sources. The laptop came from ebay, I made the books. Penny's outfit is sparkle girls from walmart. The croquet mallets are Buyer's Choice off of ebay. Buyer's choice are those Christmas dolls you can get that are for the Christmas and seasonal scenes and are available at places like Hallmark and gift shops and have wonderful 1:6 props like doors, fireplaces, stairs, market stalls, wheelbarrows, etc. Down in Williamsburg they sell these all over the. The mallets came with little matching balls but I didn't want to lose them for the photos. They are a little large for Barbie and Poppy as I originally purchased them for my french fashion doll, Annabelle. 



Jaye said...

This is a cute scene, Lisa. I need to take some dolls out and photograph them.

I think the flat footed dolls to which you are referring are Liv dolls.

Lisa Neault said...

Yes!those are the ones- LIV dolls. I used to buy them up for cheapie doll bodies for teen bodies for younger dollies and ones I wanted to have a flat foot. I gave up using them when they were hard to find shoes for.

Vanessa said...

Great pictures! Makes me want to get a good book and go outside and lounge. Love the croquet set.

Phyllis said...

Lisa, I loved how you could not remember the name of the doll body you put Amy on! That kind of thing happens to me all of the time! I also bought up those LIV bodies like crazy when they were all the rage! I too like to put some of my teens on those as that body has a less mature look to it, although I have used it for 2 of my Happy Family Grandmas too. I don't know if you ever got any of the Stardolls or their clothing packs, but those shoes are a great fit for LIV as are Monster High.

Happy summer!

jSarie said...

Great photos - definitely summery!

I love that you have doll-sized croquet mallets - I'll have to keep watch for those Buyer's Choice items. :)

monstercrafts said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that likes Penny with short hair, I think she looks really pretty.

I love your pics, I hope to see more of your Big Bang Theory dolls.

Lisa Neault said...

wow, Looked back this afternoon at all the wonderful comments!
Phyllis, yes I loved those LIV dolls for a period of time. the LIV doll body works great for Amy, Sheldon's girlfriend. And I did buy some of those Stardolls so I will have to look for their shoes. Thank you for the heads up.
vanessa, I agree it's a great time to be outside with a good book lounging in the sun!
jsarie,monstercrafts, the doll mallets are easy to find on ebay, the Buyer's choice items are addicting. I hope to do more with these dolls soon