Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Barbie Collector's 50th Anniversary Star Trek dolls

Barbie Collector is now doing its 50th anniversary celebration of Spock, Kirk and Uhura as well. Their face molds are uncanny, especially Lt. Uhura, she is just amazing. 

My reward is going to expire soon, so I went ahead and ordered Spock yesterday. I will have another reward starting July 1st, so hopefully I can get Kirk and Uhura together in one go. I would love to get all three together, but right now dolly funds are tight and I really shouldn't be ordering anything but I don't want to take the chance of losing them altogether. 

These dolls are on pre-order, so when you get your notice they are 'backordered' until July 7th. Sigh get with it Mattel. They are slowly learning. 

At the San Diego Comic Con, they will unveil the famous Green Girl from the Star Trek Pilot Episode 'The Cage' 

Here are the photos-

She is available for pre-order from MattyCollector  however, the catch is you must pick up the order IN PERSON at ComicCon. SOB. 

She is so gosh darn AWESOME. This one will be going for big bucks on ebay. Halfway tempted to beg Integrity to take a Colorinfusion doll and do this to her. 

Live Long and Prosper!


Phyllis said...

Yes, I did order all 3 at once on the very day that they first showed up on TheBarbieCollection. Still is backordered until July 7 th! I really don't think Mattel has any process for this stuff! On the green girl, I know there will be some doll artists who will make a custom version of her!

Farrah Lily said...

Thanks for the heads up, Lisa! I love these new Star Trek dolls...ugh, I agree with you on the frustration of the Comic Con one!

Muff said...

I really want these. Even my sister who doesn't like dolls, but is a huge Star Trek buff would like these.

Lisa Neault said...

I know die hard miniature dollhouse artisans who are falling for these dolls. So if they are going to the Barbie collector site, especially going coco for Uhura, and ordering her, and Spock, and JUST discovering the barbie collector website like it's new news, well, I know these dolls will sell out. (Normally, dollhouse miniature people HATE dolls in their dollhouses, at least the ones I know do. Weird that way. They like the dollhouses to look like somebody just stepped out of the room. That's why I like playscale, we don't have to stoop to subterfuge. ) They were going ga-ga because the dolls were jointed. I went like, where have you been? It's 2016, not 1959 folks. Barbie can MOVE now. lol..

So hopefully I can get Uhura on the 1st or before then along with Kirk. Funds should be rolling in by then.