Saturday, January 30, 2016

Star Ace Studios casual wear Ron Weasley

He arrived from Ebay a couple of days ago and I have been taking pics and editing them. I have made a few props for him and Harry and enjoying myself immensely. Now I just need to get the funds for Hermoine, Sirius and Snape and Mad Eyed Moody and Dumbledore as well as Hagrid. They do have a Hagrid in the making as well as Malfoy and Harry in quidditich costume. Oh my poor wallet. 

Here is a link to the Hagrid that one of my buddies MiskatonicNick on Flicker clued me in on. Click HERE to see the photo link. 
If it doesn't come up- here it is, Below,  photo is not mine. 

And yes, that is Hermoine in her ballgown! SQUEE! I am going to be so broke! 

I made the little mandrake books and am still working on the mandrakes in their little pots. I have made two, one that resembles one in the book being pulled out by the root and one sitting in the pot, I just have to 'pot' it, lol. I am thinking of making these with little potting boards and a mandrake book like a dissecting board, or a potting board, to sell to finance my action figure habit if they are good enough. I found some better pics of mandrakes and that gives me a more better idea of what to sculpt. Especially on their leaves. Those are all over the place. 


Phyllis said...

OMG, I didn't know they had a Hagrid! So cool. I was going to try to reduce my doll buying this year, but when I keep seeing all of these great figures and dolls, I don't know how I will do it. My wallet keeps making this terrible noise everytime I look at stuff on line!

Lisa Neault said...

Phyllis I know! There is a Snape, and Dumbledore, you can preorder. They have already come out with two Sirius BLacks, a Mad Eye Moody, and Harry in his school robes and Ron in his school robes as well. Next on my list is Hermoine in her school uniform. Hagrid is in the works right now. I believe that Hermoine is too.
To make it even more expensive, they already have Malfoy and Harry in their quidditich attire, that you can preorder, as well as Harry grown up a little in the Tri-wizard Goblet of fire. So I believe the Ron and Hermoine will be next too, since they were teens then and going to the ball.

My list of dolls is long this year and hopefully I can keep up with them AND the Harry potter action figures I want to acquire this year!! Plus those articulated silkies and the Faraway forest series. Eep. is right.

I have decided to attempt to reduce my doll buying with Integrity this year, but that will probably be next to impossible considering Poppy Parker is going to Paris this year and I usually cannot

Farrah Lily said...

Oh gosh...look at them. They are all beautiful! I love the little diorama you made with Harry and Ron! :)