Monday, January 11, 2016

Star Ace Studios Harry Potter (Casual Wear) Philospher's Stone in 1:6 scale....

I have been a little awol until today because my new action figure, Star Ace Studios Harry Potter Philospher's Stone casual Wear just arrived today. He comes with Hedgwig, his snowy white owl, his wand, an extra hand, and of course, the philospher's stone. The graphics on the box are really wonderful. In America, the company is known as Star Ace Studios, but in the UK, it is known as Big Chief Studios . Look at the whole lineup of Harry Potter characters HERE

Here are my photos I took. I made some items for the table such as some little aged leather books, the candy sticks in the candy jar. The jar of wishes is an embellishment by Tim Holtz from the scrapbook aisle that I thought would be cool for the scenes I plan to do. 

When I first began getting back into miniatures in 2002-2004, the craze was for Harry Potter miniatures. Anything witchy, or any scenes, to do with the movie were the rage. At that time, I only knew 1:12 scale, standard dollhouse scale and was not collecting dolls, and was into building mainly in the 1:12 scale. I did some scenes in this scale. One site and one collector that was very publicized in the miniature magazines, was Sally Wallace, who engaged many artisans, namely Rik Pierce, to construct a miniature Hogwarts castle and other various roomboxes, in 1:12 scale to help her create her own miniature magical Harry Potter world. This was really inspiring for me. Since then, it has always been on my bucket list, if a company ever created decent action figures in 1:6 scale, I would then begin to collect them for the scenes as I knew i could create the accessories for the Harry Potter scenes.  Here is the link for Sally's site-
Magical Miniatures  as well as her old site- Sal's Site

Another artisan that Sally patronized and who is truly amazing is Erika Van Horn, of EV Miniatures. She creates the most magical, historically accurate visual, period miniature books I have ever seen. A truly wonderful artisan. 
Her site is EV Miniatures and she also has a blog Erika's blog . She also sells on Etsy as well. 

My plan this year is to pull back a little from crazy buying on the fashion dolls, or only on those that I can truly use or really wow! me on their quality. I'm just not buying every fashion doll I see. They have to fit into my needs this year and I am going to be focusing my collection on the action figures a bit more if possible. Especially the Star Ace figures as there are quite a few that I have on my list. I am gunning for Hermoine and Ron next. I wish they would do a Hagrid.  So I have alot of buying to do to play catchup, lol. I also have alot of sketching and building to do as well for the dioramas. 


Farrah Lily said...

Those sounds like some fabulous goals for the new year. I am in the same boat when it comes to buying. That blog is amazing and I can't get over the detail in her miniatures!

Muff said...

Thanks for the links and sharing your awesome photos. Very good likeness to the young actor.

Lisa Neault said...

You're welcome for the links.Farrah, Rik Pierce works exclusively in paperclay. I have known a couple of collectors who have given private tours of their homes and have simply HUGE pieces done by him, he is a phenomenal artist. He also does workshops at the larger miniature shows.I myself love working in paperclay even though it's time consuming it makes great looking stone, brick and stucco. Some of my best work was done with this medium in 1:12 scale. Muff, their figures are really great. They have alot more than just the Hogwarts figures.