Thursday, September 3, 2015

Out of This World Poppy Parker

Out of This World Poppy Parker arrived from Couture Dolls yesterday. I took a quick picture of her in the box but just de-boxed her today. She is really one of the most stunning dolls in this line of the Model Scene dolls. 

I loved all of the Model Scene dolls, but couldn't afford them all. So far I have Groovy Galore, the registration doll, Hippy Dippy, a lottery win doll, the Moods Changers gift set-3 Poppys in one, and Out of this World, and The Camera Loves her on Order. 

She didn't come with many accessories, just the sunglasses and her triangular earrings,hose, boots,  and stand .

A quick picture of her in the box, secured.

Here she is with her sunglasses on....she is so cool looking. 

I really wanted to do a spacey kind of out of this world photo shoot with her, with dirt, and sand and stuff to accent that outfit. I still will probably do that. I adore this outfit on her. She looks so Lost in Space! I wish I had the robot figure from that movie.  This was the reason I bought her, her outfit looked like those of Julie and Penny from my beloved childhood show. Enjoy the pics!


The grandmommy said...

Her eyes are gorgeous!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you, I think so too!