Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall blogging...what I've been up to...

I haven't been around much this week and fell short on blogging every day in September...last weekend was Labor day and hubcap and I did a great deal last Saturday since he had free time, of re-arranging the rooms and furniture in the house and getting some of the items into the storage. I moved alot of my larger American girl furniture and other items into the storage unit temporarily until I need them for photo shoots and we succeeded in moving our bed into the front bedroom. I also purchased ivory sheer curtains for the windows and it looks lovely with the walls, which gives it a cabin feel. The room is exceptionally small so there isn't alot of room for a dresser, vanity and the like in there. It feels open and spacious with the windows having the sheers and now we just need to add the anchor curtain backs I purchased at Hobby Lobby. The room will have a nautical theme which will be carried throughout the house. That room so far, is done for right now. The big part is emptying out the drawers of the dresser and nightstands so we can move it out of here and sell it at auction. 

I haven't had much time for photo taking of the dolls though I have been doing some sewing on two dresses- one using a Marirose pattern for a sheath for Barbie and a dress for Annabelle using a lovely fall pumpkin plaid. I am sewing from the two Gildebriefs that I got on ebay and the dress is almost done but I still need some trim for it. 

I took some pics of one of my Only hearts club dolls Olivia that had belonged to my Mom, I have another one like her. Here she is with her bike outside-

Like most little girls, she can't resist taking her teddy bear Tigger for a ride too.

I did intend to show you the disaster that is my doll room now but is so stuffed to the gills I just can't. I still have alot of sorting to do. We are now moving furniture from what was the dining room into the den and the furniture from the den into what was used as dining room but was really meant to be a living room. Our house is very small and the den is the largest room and our dining room furniture is large....the table can fold out to seat up to 12 people with all of the leaves in it! Plus we have a buffet and a server. It belonged to my husband's parents and we adore it. Wonderful for serving people at the holidays and entertaining. Our living room is quite small where it was and just is too small to accomodate it. The former den has a fireplace and it will be more impressive. When not in use, we can keep it folded down for two. 

I am hoping to get more pictures up soon of more different dolls...I have really been in a slump lately.  I have been so busy with the real life house and I haven't been able to finish the crate bed nor had anywhere to set up a diorama.  Here is what I mean by no room in the doll room-

This is the table and cabinet where I usually set up my dioramas for photos or displays ..right now it is the depository for dolls and props and everything that is the spillover that doesn't fit on the shelves to the left or the dollhouse and the table with the shops to the right- which is a mess too! There is a barely a 2 ft place to stand for me or a path to get to here because in front of all of this is backdrops of foamcore, cardboard, etc leaning against the table with tubs of dolls..and cars. The table is full of props that have no where to be stored so I have no table space to set up for pics. I'm going to have to use the dining room table for a quick pic space since the doll room is packed now. I'm currently cleaning out our old bedroom which will be.....drumroll new...and....bigger...doll room!  The dolls will be stored in the closets with shelves and the doors will have plexi on them so you can see them, I've got sketches figured out how I want to alter the room and do the shelving. My desk will be redone by hubcap. This will be the doll room in the house. The big dolls and main storage of props will go out in the barn studio workshop once that is finished which will be in the near future. All the delicate dolls will be in this doll room. At least, that's the plan on the drawing board. lol..  crossing fingers...
Have a great weekend! Lisa


Farrah Lily said...

I know just want you mean about not having the time to dedicate to consistent blogging..I've had the same problem myself and it can be frustrating either when the ideas are flowing and you can't keep up, or you just don't feel particularly inspired due to too much to do in "real life."
How nice to hear the bedroom is complete...I'm a huge fan of shear curtains and letting lots of natural light in as well as a nautical theme (currently trying to do that with our upstairs bathroom) so I'm sure you bedroom looks quite cozy! If you feel inspired, I'd love to see a photo!.
It's also so great to have a space to seat people and entertain especially during all of these upcoming holidays.
Your doll rooms still look great to me as you have a great eye for perspective and making the dolls really look like they are in a miniature world.
I just LOVE your new redhead Poppy with the side bun! GORGEOUS.
Good luck with rest of your organizing and know you're not alone in that!

Lisa Neault said...

Farrah Lily, thank you for understanding. I sometimes feel extremely guilty having all of these beautiful dolls and not sharing but I am somewhat anal about not doing a picture perfect setup when I do a blog story on them. I don't have curio cases for them so that makes it harder to keep them moods poppys- I haven't yet dedressed them- and isn't the red head just the bomb? She is so lovely in her little black outfit with those adorable little shoes I just haven't had the heart to redress her just yet...until I find the perfect dress.

Thank you so much for the compliments on my 'perspective'...I would say it comes with a lifetime of practice.

The bedroom has come a long long way and I agree on sheer curtains bringing in natural light, which I am a huge fan we can see straight across the fields in the morning when dawn breaks...I want to really get the window treatments and the walls decorated before I'm 'brave' enough for pics! lol...I have not yet decided on the new bedspread and pillow cases yet.

Phyllis said...

Lisa, your doll room is in much better shape than mine, or at least what I can see of it! I too have been is a slump lately when it comes to blogging, so I definitely feel it. Life does have a way of getting in the way of our fun, doesn't it? You rearrangement sound like a lot of work, but I am sure the results will be great if your doll dioramas are any indication of your ability to put together a room!

Sam said...

I can totally relate to this post! Real life is interfering with my doll-housing, blogging and doll organization too!
I love Olivia's bike. Good luck with all your rearranging. I am looking forward to seeing your new bigger doll room.

D7ana said...

Olivia looks real in that first photo. I'm happy to see your posts when you are ready to show them.

Good luck with the bedroom and the rest of the house!

Vanessa said...

Why do we feel so guilty when we have to take time to do "real" stuff? Don't feel guilty. We completely understand. We are there, too. Love Olivia's bike! So cute. Let's not even talk about cleaning doll rooms. Mine is a mess as well. C'est la vie.

Lisa Neault said...

Vanessa, I so felt like the crazy one here for taking time away from dolls - it is almost like the dolls possess me- play with me! And I have had so many goals and projects planned for this year- sewing for one. Not just for the little 1:6 scale divas, but for the American Girls and the French Fashion doll Annabelle too who I enjoy sewing for- BUT it is very time consuming.

I also want to create more cakes, and pastries. and some furniture. Again, I need a workspace and time....which I don't necessarily have if we are moving furniture about in the 'real' house, LOL....on the one hand, I feel the urge to create, and on the other, eh...that's alot of work to move stuff around to have the space and then break it back down again to set the table for supper or what have you. Sewing is easier as it can be put away in a workbasket I have by my chair, the clays and building is not as easy.

So glad to know everyone else suffers from this guilt trauma with the dolls! lol...And organizing it is so much work you need a rest afterwards!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

It's the same here, when I fall back on my doll's schedule due to "real life" I fell very annoyed. Yes Lisa we are possessed!
I'm thrilled by the news about you new doll room! I would love to have one!

Lisa Neault said...

lol...Billa, it is coming along soo slowly.....what was our bedroom will require ripping out the old carpet, redoing the walls, as hubby has plans to shelve in the walls and re-do the closets for me with shelves and doors with clear plexi and tiered steps so the dolls can be protected from dust. Lots of painting and construction, but first, oh the cleaning! But the great thing is it is in motion. I have so much to do with that room it isn't funny. Hubcap is excited because he always loves a challenge and wants the dolls displayed just as much as I do. I have so many some I can't find!! (still looking for my Mad Men Kens! Can't find either one...)

Muff said...

I can definitely relate! It's been two months since I've blogged which usually wouldn't be that big of a deal as I get busy seasons so it's expected. Even with that I still usually comment on blogs even if I cant update my own. This is the first time I was so busy I couldn't even visit other people's blogs. I didn't necessarily feel guilty about it, but I did feel frustrated, lol. Doll life, doll blogs and crafting are what relax and keep me kosher. Not having that outlet has been very annoying. This weekend I finally have free time and I'm going to dive deep back into it, so don't be surprised at seeing numerous comments from me!