Friday, May 8, 2015

Who Loves Pinterest?

Who doesn't love Pinterest? lol...

It is a time eater and I adore it. It is my digital wish list, my high -tech sears and roebuck catalog of items I want ever so much and all the projects I never get around to building or creating. Today I realized or have realized, that my 
1:6 scale dioramas  Pinterest board had over 1,070+ pins of varying genres on it that made no sense or rhyme or reason. Some had been pinned two or three times. Today I decided to make some sense out of this board and break it down into different 1:6 scale boards according to different memes or themes.

Here are the links, and some are still works in progress as I organize.

1:6 scale laundrymat

1:6 scale hospital/doctor

1:6 scale children's rooms

1:6 scale cafes/restuarants

1:6 scale the great outdoors

1:6 scale patios/entrance halls

1:6 scale stage/theatre/bands

1:6 scale Victorian/Wild West

1:6 scale bathrooms/spas

1:6 scale garages, cars bikes

1:6 scale dollhouses

1:6 scale bedrooms/closets

1:6 scale living rooms/parlors

1:6 scale shops/boutiques

1:6 scale kitchens/dining rooms

1:6 scale office dioramas

Right now that is the line up- I have a few more of my own personal ooak creations in 1:6 but these are the main 1:6 diorama boards for your reference. I will probably add more since there are war dioramas, and playground dioramas, and even craft room dioramas that do not fit in with office rooms. I was thinking of adding an explorer section too, for dolls that like to travel/explore. Some pics don't fit into these genres that I have.  

I know this seems a little anal, on the digital organizing, but lately I haven't been able to find some of the pics Iknow I had pinned, and it had bothered me, so I wanted to make the boards more user friendly. This way you can find the pins by theme, instead of having to hunt through hundreds of pins which might take over an hour if your computer scrolls slowly, like mine sometimes does. 


Smaller Places said...

Your digital organizing is so impressive!

It's not excessive if it's HELPFUL, which yours clearly is.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Smaller places!

The 1:6 scale dioramas one was getting excessively full. and I know I couldn't find anything. Pinterest is great inspiration because it is like a folder that I can store other people's pics and go look at their eye candy when I want some ideas to mull over. Esepcailly if I'm looking for a particular vintage item on ebay and can't remember the name- such as all of those vintage barbie outfits!

D7ana said...

I love Pinterest, too. Have 1:6 scale boards that could be better organized, but I just get so much fun pinning I haven't gotten around to editing.

Thanks for refining your collection and sharing the links ;-)