Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some spring cleaning on eBay....

I am doing a little bit of spring cleaning on Ebay with my doll food and one or two other items. Many of these items have been sitting in my Etsy shop- link is here on my blog page- for many months, so I have decided to drop the prices on these items and put them up on Ebay auctions , some with free shipping. The doll food items are in a variety of scales from 1:6, 1:4 and 1:3.

You may have seen these four items above on Instagram and Flicker advertised, as well as Facebook. As I put them on Ebay, they will be coming off of the Etsy store, as I need to move them off and make room. 

Here are some more large scale food items I just listed today-

1:3 scale hot dogs, 1:3 scale bread board, and a 1:4 scale bread board.

The American Girl Kit doll is also listed, nude at a reduced price too. I will be working on taking some more pics of 1:6 scale items as I have some 1:6 scale bread boards I will be listing soon. If you would rather not go through ebay, contact me at with 'doll food' in the subject line. 

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