Friday, May 22, 2015

Poppy & Auden hit the rocks at the 'river' today...

My walking routine is back on track and today I hit the four mile mark, well almost.  I took Auden today after fixing his hair. He had that screwed up hair that would not stay down so I finally found time yesterday afternoon and took his head and dunked the glued part in some boiling water and combed it out, let it dry, and then used a small elastic ponytail thingy to pull it back in a more natural hairstyle for a guy. I took some pics of him and Star in the Japanese water gardens and in the previous stream where I took pictures of Star the other day. 

Here they are above at the Japanese water gardens, just before you reach the Japanese tea house.

As you can see, they had a really good time, and Star is beginning to get a tan!, lol.. a great start to Memorial day weekend, they are even dressed in red, white and blue. I had wanted to bring some props to make it look like they were having a picnic, but the garden was over run by kids and people today a little bit , not as much as the previous day I went. It would have been hard to stage them without people running up and interrupting.  The roses were in bloom and I also got some great shots of the roses in the rose garden.

Some of the roses, especially the last pink one, is a true English rose, by David Austin or a 'cabbage' rose. I love those roses , I am a rose nut but have never had the time to devote to raising a rose garden. The next best thing is having a membership at the botanical gardens. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens is a great website and is listed as one of the top botanical gardens , I grew up near it and my shop was just a block away from it when it was open in 2009. I use to have a Christmas event every year at the gardens catered with tickets to the Festival of lights that they have for the attendees with private event shopping at the shop afterwards, it was alot of fun. Every other year they have miniature dollhouse displays and also train displays with the lights and Christmas trees which makes it wonderful for doll and dollhouse miniature enthusiasts to see and tour. Plus the catered meal in the beautiful room is also a treat too. I miss that . 
Another part is the conservatory with the orchids.

These were some of the orchids in the large conservatory. Not doll related, but lovely.  I have often wanted to bring one of my lovely ladies to pose near them, those colors just scream to have a doll near them!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, Auden looks wonderfully with his new hairdo (sometimes I wonder what they are thinking at IT when it comes to hommes' hairdos). he and Poppy make a great couple.
I love the pictures of the flowers, roses and orchids are my absolute favourites!

Smaller Places said...

Aw... those are great photos! Very serene and touching.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! I am a nut for roses, and I cannot resist taking photos of some of them- they are so perfect while in bloom.
Billa, I agree. I remember how eager people were to order him when he came out and and how they HATED his hair because that pompadour came unglued immediately after you took him out of the box. Mine did. I have just lived with him and never really did anything about it until now- I took the tip from Ro of Roville, her Auden looked great. It was really easy to redo his hair. He looks a little more punk. I have never been able to get his shoes off comfortably so I might just buy him tshirts and put a guitar in his hand- make him part of a band.

Betty said...

They look so real in that setting!

D7ana said...

Lovely, soothing outdoor photos. Poppy and Auden look "falling in love" ;-)