Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Catching up....

I've been really busy lately, but mostly pre-occupied with various things- work, as well as getting ready for the Fashion Royalty convention in late October. I will have a sales table in their sales table room on Halloween night and so I have been working like mad on cakes, breads, and other goodies!
I recently found time to make a dress for my Girl from Integrity Poppy Parker, she is so cute with that short hairstyle.

I used a pattern from Burda and altered it a bit on the ruffle. The fabric is a quilt sample from AC Moore, wanted to try something with stripes. Her slice of cake is one of the many cakes I have made for show prep.

Add to that, the Kumik body came for my Tony Stark Hot Toys head...
 Not pleased with the color variant on his body, but it will do until the Repairman dress set arrives. I adore, simply adore, Ironman movies and have all three....Hot Toys is a serious serious temptation with their spot on lifelike characters. I have not yet acquired the Avengers movie, hoping to get that on dvd as well. I would love to have Bruce Banner and Black Widow and Thor. 

I have been working on and off on my halloween diorama for the vamps and the Addams family, it still needs some tweaking but has come along great. 

I have currently ordered some more vintage Barbie patterns as I want to create some clothing for the dolls for halloween and need some basic patterns- from my research these patterns seem to work well for other dolls like Fashion Royalty too. 
New dolls are incoming too- I just purchased portrait white dress Scarlett with their 25% off celebrity/movie dolls plus my reward, so got her for practically half off not counting shipping- she's been shipped. I also won the Victoire swimsuit doll lottery so she will be arriving soon too. Hoping to get some wonderful pics of these dolls soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Poppy looks so cute in this dress, I love her hairstyle too :-)