Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meet Romaine...and new project on the horizon!

Meet Romaine Jean-Francois LaBelle du Plessis, my new fashion designer. Ever since I received this doll- Rock Steady he was called, I have not quite known how to include him in Barbietown. To me he wasn't over the top like the new face dolls and some of the  W Club dolls simply have a real aggravated/ ticked off look on some of their faces. 
But now I have re-named him and decided to keep his original name with a french twist added on. Though Agnes owns a fashion empire, and she owns the Manor in my doll town I have never really had an over the top boutique/shop or anything. So the project on the horizon is almost done and Romaine will be its star.
Romaine Jean-Francois LaBelle du Plessis  is a hot new fashion designer in the Haute Couture world. Very old school in the industry and has the ancestors to prove that fashion is in his blood. Indirectly descended from the Queen's milliner- Rose Bertin the first 'Minister of Fashion'  Romaine has followed in his illustrious ancestors' footsteps. Besides being from the first beginnings of fashion, he is also descended on his mother's side from 
House of Worth (Charles Frederick Worth) so dressing Queens, Princesses and Empresses is nothing new to him. 
As you can tell, I am a history nut and these two icons from the Fashion world have long, long fascinated me. In my research for Romaine's bio I knew the new project would have to be over the top- which it will be. Suffice it to say I am almost finished but it is too large to be situated in it will have its own table. Rose Bertin owned Le Grand Mogol a shop on the Rue St. Honore and was the designer who designed most of the - for then, outrageous fashions that Queen Marie Antoinette wore. Many people do not understand how much of a break the rules in your face  Marie Antoinette was- or how much of a true stylist Rose Bertin was for the period. The Queen and other ladies of the royal family had a uniform of Court dress, corsets (called Grand Corps) and makeup they were forced to wear- which was not necessarily the most stylish or comfortable clothing to wear on a daily basis. 
House of Worth - Charles Frederick Worth was an icon in his time for the drape and fit of his clothing- as well as having models in his shop wearing the designs so the customers could see it. He was one of the first that unveiled the fashions on a season basis, with shows in his shop. He dressed the Empress Eugenie, as well as Alexandra, Princess of Wales, the Empress of Austria and more. Wealthy women changed their clothing up to four or five times a day- and usually needed a maid to help them in and out of the complicated bustles, corsets, hoops.
In doing all of this research for my project, I know I needed a doll to be the fashion designer and decided to make it a male doll and Romaine was the perfect doll. He is ambitious, handsome, but focused on his dream of being a Haute Couture designer- his attention to detail is astounding. He dates occasionally but never with models if he can help it- doesn't like to mix business with pleasure. 
So a few more days and I will be able to unveil the project soon. I have shown a few shots of Romaine working on the line that will be unveiled at Grand Opening of the project- his 'Noir BLanche' line of clothing ready for the runway. 
Romaine worked on the finishing touches on the models last night in a temporary studio, I have some more pics-- but he was very testy at being watched while he worked. So enjoy!

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