Friday, July 12, 2013

Interior placement of LaBelle's...

I have made some progress on the project of LaBelle' has taken some time because alot of the cornices, and window frames and door has to be built from scratch.Though I enjoy it, it is time consuming. The mirrors in the shop are from Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay, who does stunning 1:6 scale plaster carved fireplaces, cornices, and ornate ceiling plasters. His items are amazing, and he does has his own line he designed that was manufactured by Bespaq in 1:6 and 1:4 scales.

Here are some photos so far of today's work. I have alot to paint since deciding where everything will be placed in the boutique.

The last photo is my all time favorite of Cocktail, my newest Silkstone. Between Mattel & the W club coming out with such fabulous dolls, it is so hard to choose. I had to wait two months for her to arrive but she was worth it. 
The ceiling is Cupids with pink ribbons on a blue sky with clouds, very roccocco I think. It will look even more dramatic when I get the cornices figured out to go around the ceiling rounds where the lights/chandeliers will be hung. 
The stage will have an overhang and both still need to be painted. I have done the stoop for the interior painted gold and it is coming along better than expected. I am hoping to have drapes hanging on either side of the cornice. This stage will be either where the mannequins are placed with a display, or it will be used as the fashion show stage, when Romaine has his fashion shows/debuts in the shop. 
I do not know as of yet how I will show the fashions since there will not be enough room for a clothing rack, etc. I am going to think of using my Suzy Goosey wardrobe in one of the corners filled with clothing and having a display for shoes. I have seen plastic dividers that hold beads used to display the shoes and purses on, which would be great too. 
I am hoping to have it done by August, but my deadline is fast approaching- that willb e when Romaine debuts his 'Noir-BLanche' collection- for fall/autumn. So I may push it back to September for the Grand Opening...right now I'm enjoying this project and working/collecting for it. 

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