Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Dolls, New Props to share...

It has been too long since I last updated the blog, but last week and last weekend were crazy busy. Not only busy, but on the 6th we had a snowstorm + thunder snow! We lost power that Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday. Luckily it was back on by Friday afternoon. Just when I needed to print orders and other items! I am still recovering from last weekend. 
So I have treated myself and for those of you who shop Target, they are putting their Ken fashion packs on sale. This is where I get a little miffed. One Target nearby had the outfit sets for $5 (reg. 5.89- savings of .89 cents.) another Target had them on sale for $5.09, saving 90 cents- reg. 5.99!) I purchased the chef barbie fashion pack for 11.04 and one of the ken packs for $5, at the other Target I found the blue and white gingham shirt with the red jeans and timber lake looking boots, and picked that up. 
Onto today's finds. I had to drive to Costco, so since Hobby Lobby is nearby, I made alist. Michael's  no longer sells paperclay and I need some, picked up black foamcore, and found 2 13 1/2 inch tall cake columns in the bakery section for 7.99. What I really had gone to Hobby Lobby for was the mummy statue and I had a 40% off coupon. I took Katniss along for size comparison. THe mummy sarcophagus is about 10 1/2 to 11 inches high, but it will work. 
I also was able to stop at Walmart and pick up Carlisle from the Twilight Mattel series. I have seen Bella at Target, and am going to try and buy as many of them from the store as possible to avoid shipping charges. 
Also, another school desk that I bought on Ebay for the Laura Ingalls Little House project arrived this week too. This desk is more in the scale- true 1:6 as my vintage Skipper fits perfectly into it. It came with a little plush teddy bear. 

I was really pleased with my diorama finds. Though I love the three little desks I have found, the one that Skipper was sitting in was great. 
My diorama ideas are also always ongoing- I have groups of dolls that all have stories, such as my Victorian/Little House dolls, my Barbietown dolls, and my goth/horror/ fantasy dolls- which would include my Buffy vampire slayer characters, the Vampire Twilight dolls, Sideshow/Indiana Jones figures, and so on. My purpose in buying the Egyptian sarcophagus was to do a diorama/storyline of along the lines of tomb raider/ discovering a mummy. I am probably going to create a mummy for the case for some of my dolls to find. I still have to write that up- which will probably include Giles, Buffy and some other dolls as well. 
On the schooldesk, I am thinking I can replicate that by making a template for the schoolroom- and create a bunch of them. So that is on my to-do list. 
All for now, Lisa


Marta said...

Hello from Spain, i like very much your new doll. Sarcophagus is very nice. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

Love the mummy and the new Carlisle doll. I'm planning to get him just as soon as BC has a great sale or free shipping. With my $20 coupon I can score him for $5. I'm an anxious to see what you are doing with the mummy.

Lisa Neault said...

I so should have bought Esme, Jasper and Rosalie on the 25% off sale, but couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on twilight dolls. I'm not a fan of twilight, just on the vampire aspect for my goth/spooky dolls, lol.

Walmart has them online everyone, cheaper than barbiecollector, and sometimes you can pick them up instead of paying for them whichis a plus too. Right now working on some plots for Katniss and possibly Poppy Parker!