Monday, May 14, 2012

Re-ment clothes for Mini American Girl dolls

I found this little Re-ment outfit on Ebay a few days back, so decided to place and bid and it just arrived today. These little outfits look great on Skipper, Staci, and Poppy and Momoko dolls, on a whim I decided to try this one on Mini American Girl Kit.
As most of you know, I have the big 18 inch American Girl dolls, but also simply LOVE the minis- they are 6 inches high, but are thick in the body . They are probably the size of a Lati Yellow with a smaller head, the body is cloth with vinyl limbs. Very hard to find clothing for.
I have the outfit with the white skirt and green and white striped top, but that is currently claimed by my vintage Growin Up Skipper- one of my favorite childhood dolls. Kit looks adorable in this outfit so I may be buying more of these items for the minis sinc ethey look so cute in them.
Watch for more- I didn't realize it has been so long without an update on Barbietown! Mini Kit and probably Poppy may be traveling with me soon!

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