Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's Cheer for Re-ment!

Let's cheer for Re-ment Girly styles! I purchased these two little outfits for my Mini
American Girls. I haven't yet tried them on my Skipper , Staci, or Chelsea dolls, to see the
size variations. I think they would probably fit Skipper and Staci better. The cheer
outfit is in two pieces, with velcro up the back. The pom poms are on a round piece of cardstock, with a small elastic ring hot glued to it that fits over the dolls hand. One of Mini Rebecca's pom poms came apart while I was putting it on her hand, a drop of glue and it will be fixed soon.
I thought I would share these little outfits with you, as I am still gathering items for my Queen's Jubilee diorama I wish to do in Barbietown...and I am attempting to build again. Pictures to come when I make some progress on that new project for the summer!

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