Friday, November 18, 2011

Challenge 6:Avant Guarde & Modern art

For the Flicker group on challenge 6 it was Avante Guarde and modern art....well, I'm not that into Avant fact it's about my least favorite thing as far as Haute Couture. I'm more of a classic look, you know, less is more. So I wasn't that excited about this challenge. So I hit on the idea of making Daria the central focus of the modern art display- you know how they do those live art shows with people standing, who are painted to look like sculpture and the I did a re-take on the renassaince painting of Venus on the froth of the wave, stepping out of a pearl shell, with a bland background, her hair cascading like that in the medieval painting, with some white satin draped about her, and voila! Challenge 7 is for the golf course, which of course is all about fashion and nothing about golf or So I may get a little creative with that one as well, and do something equally off the cuff...doesn't look like any of these folks know the difference between a birdie or a mulligan.
For the holidays and my Christmas cards I usually do- I have not as of yet done the 1:6 scale one- I have ordered a prop or two for a special one I am focusing on, so bear with me. I have a to do list for Thanksgiving and that includes getting the Christmas cards ready and ordered. More on the Christmas holidays in the dollhouse in upcoming posts...

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