Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tonner Harry Potter is in the house!

Ok, I gave in and ordered the new 12 inch Harry Potter by Robert Tonner when they had their sale with free shipping this past Friday -- I could not resist. The new smaller scales of the Harry Potter line is amazing, Dumbledore is about 16 inches high. I hope to add Hermoine and Ron as well as their house robes too. Harry is so adorable, they have really added so much detail in his shoes, socks, wand, and clothing! He has an extra hand that is interchangeable if you do not wish him to have his wand hand displayed. I spent some time making some little magical blank books, and have not yet finished their embellishment on the covers, more are coming with a Bespaq round table that will be filled to the brim with crystal ball, dragon eggs, potion bottles, spooky books, etc and all the Potter accessories of Hogwarts. Tonner has nailed this one! What a great little doll- and just in time for Halloween!

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