Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some photos of Daria Zarr...

Since receiving Daria some months ago- she was one of the W club dolls, I have not had much time to photograph her. Here at the One Sixth Scale dollhouse I have been somewhat going thru a few disasters, natural and unexpected, such as Hurricanes- we are still going thru the tropical storm depression 'Lee' and now Katia looks like she may hit as well. I have been ill since Thursday, and unable to go full throttle like I usually do each day, which is frustrating to my nature, since I am basically a work aholic.
My purpose in posting photos of Daria in my premiere design Red Dragon wingchair, designed by me & manufactured in conjunction with Pit Ginsburg's help of  Bespaq International Corporation was twofold....the world lost Pit on September 4th. Pit Ginsburg was one of the most forward thinking people in the industry of dollhouse miniatures, and he will be missed. I worked with both he & his nephew who now runs the company, Shawn Flading, on the design and manufacture of my wingchairs- of which Red Dragon was the first. Most of the work was in choosing the proper chair to manufacture in 1:6 scale, as well as fabric suppliers and unique finishes. I have to say, without Pit's input and advice, the line of the six wingchairs would never have come about. Daria epitomizes the elegance of the line, and simplicity of East meets West that I was going for. I will take more updated photos of the other five chairs for the blog as I feel better, since I am supposed to be on bedrest.
More of my Flicker photos. As everyone knows, most of the furniture in the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse is the large scale Bespaq, manufactured in the 1990's, and no longer manufactured. As I gaze on the dollhouse, I remember my great friend and most of all, my mentor in the miniature world, and mourn his loss.

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