Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More photos of Daria....

More photos of Daria again....I finally upacked this gown from Dressmaker Details I had purchased thru the W club's lottery when it came up for bid. It is gorgeous, I love the delicate beading and netting onit, but the shoes are SOO sucky. Clearly made for the Silkstone Barbie foot, not my extravagant Fashion Royalty divas.
Before I go into too much more- yes, that's a photo of Daria dolls aren't politically yes, I made the cigarette with excessive just looks like an old Cecil Beaton photo since that dress harkens back to that time.
Shoes were from Sylvia, a miniature artist under the name of the Dolls' Cobbler. Originally, she started out making doll shoes for dolls, such as antique Kestners, fashion dolls, etc. but then went smaller to dollhouse scale. Her booth at a miniature show is one of my favorite places and I cannot go past it without purchasing tiny shoes....I am a shoe fanatic in real life, and have boxes of Colin Stuart, Stuart Weitzmans, Peter Fox in my closet though I do not wear them often....miniature shoes are even more addicting because they do not take up room in MY closet but in the dollhouse closet.
I have been so busy this week that these are great photos for on the fly, Daria is gearing up to compete on the Flicker group International Fashion Royalty Jetset Diva as a jetset diva. Some of the prizes are so cool, I am hoping my photos can make the cut, and it is always fun to challenge yourself. This gown really compliments my Bespaq wingchair I designed, I am trying to think up a set for a more better photo since the lighting is so poor in the One Sixth Scale dollhouse, some of these photos are so grainy. Enjoy!

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