Friday, May 6, 2011

Leekeworld Doll Project Rainy...

My Leekeworld Rainy arrived about a few days before my birthday....and this little doll is hard to figure out. First, she has been quite shy about telling me her name...and she seems to sit apart from the other tinies, who are far more extroverted. I had some time the other day and did a few shots of her in the Bespaq bed from the dollhouse, and she seemed to come out ofher shell in the comfy bed. She has a sweet face, and I'm going to be getting some new outfits for her. I believe she is about the size of a Lati White special, since they are about 12 cm and she 13.5 cm (5 1/2 inches high) it is her body and feet that are a little hard to fit.
I will be posting more pics when I get them taken of Wren (Realpuki Soso) and her little house when it is finished!

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