Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A is for Annabelle.Project ..continued

My A is for Annabelle project is slowly, slowly coming along. Annabelle now has a negligee & a skirt & chemisette blouse, and a petticoat to wear now. I have not had time to cut out the jacket waist with ruffled sleeves to complete her outfit on the cover/flyleaf of the book, not find a bonnet that would be suitable. This was my first chemisette made from a pattern on French Fashion Revue, and I drafted the pattern for the skirt myself, and her petticoat as well. I at first wanted to stick to antique looking fabrics, but decided to use readily available fabrics instead of trying to be slavish to the period-- I am more concerned if my look mirrors what Tasha drew. This is a fun project, and I have alot of work ahead- the next is her 'box' or trunk in the hall...I am thinking of looking for one of those trunks at Hobby Lobby or Michael's when they come around again.
I have not done very much with the 1:6 scale dollhouse, and I am still inthe process of making room in our den for it, and it will probably receive a few repairs and touchups. When I do get it set up, the kitchen is on the list for revamping. I have a few more fashion dolls I need to post about, but that will come after I get the photos arranged & set up! Enjoy the pictures of Annabelle.

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