Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit to the museum in Williamsburg..& Va fashion doll club meetup!

Well...on Sunday I & Gracie, Dixie the bloggin chick, and Minuette Mouse all piled in with our bag of new 1/6 scale divas (or as Dixie calls them- with a humph! those partyin' dolls in the dollhouse) and took off for Williamsburg. I was designated fruit platter for the cookout the club was having, but the dolls and I had a stop to the Ab by Aldrich Rockefeller Museum to see the Tasha Tudor dollhouse-- the one in myprofile pic here on the blog...we get there....and there were plenty of strange looking items,!There wereloads of paintings of 18th century people...
Ok, some of these were famouse, Queen Henrietta Maria of England consort to Charles the 1st of England..there were also mannequins wearing what looked like some of their clothes, at least to Gracie's viewpoint..

Gracie looked a bit small next to these ladies...but no...dollhouse!
We did however, find a carousel in the museum...THAT made up somewhat for no..dollhouses...

This was our favorite one, since it reminded us of Junebug, & Sweetie Pie at home. Maybewithout the fish and the saddle...
Still, carousels of antique animals are great, but no dollhouses....sigh..

Minuette was not happy either...posing in front of 'pond' of old duck decoy art..
So from there we left teh museum & headed over to the Barbie club meetup- er, fashion doll club of va...meetup. The vinyl vixens were getting squirrely in their bag. We left with some souvenirs-- a red cloak like the ones worn in the 18th century for Gracie..and onto the club meetup!
The theme was where Amber & her dream guy Ken,were going on their honeymoon & you were supposed to make a scene of where they would go. Above is Sandra's theme, in Paris,and Jodie's dolls, again, In Paris...

Laurie's was originally outside, at the caribbean...

This was Debbie's scene, aswell in Paris! with Japan exclusive silkstone artist barbie paintng their portrait near the eiffel tower while they picniced!

As well as one member's Eve I think in Great Britian & Laurie's caribean scene at the koi pond (Laurie was our hostess) with herlittle sailboat. I didn't get all of the scene since they took it down, it began to rain.
Our prize winner was Sandra for her Paris restuarant scene- she had began building it at 5 am that morning! I thought it was cool- she used brick scrapbook paper, 1/2 in foamcore, and material for the sidewalk and the roof coverings. Anna was in chargeofr our program, she had just got back from convention- Barbie & the Rockers and had some oh so cool stuff!
Our  cookout was hot dogs & burgers, potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, fruit, chips, and it was fun! Though we had no dollhouses...we did have great fun!

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