Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barbie in Red....

Yes, I did I did- I caved and went to Target this morning. With all the talk about the Barbie Basics paks- I had to, especially while looking at the new Barbie Target basics in red BLACK Label. She's stunning, and now I want another basics in red pak and another one like this- to keep in the box, and to play with. I got to see the Barbie Basics #10 in the black dress, and she is cute- so think I will also add her to my collection. I think this one is going to look great with my BBC Mad Men Roger STerling--she looks like she needs a Sugar Daddy!
Will have some pics next week- this Sunday is the Va. Fashion Doll club meeting- at one of the members' houses in Williamsburg, and I am so psyched. I will be taking photos of Minuette and my Dixie bloggin' chick who like to hang out in my purse, and of course the dolls!

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