Saturday, June 27, 2009

They arrived!

Well, the 50th reproduction Barbie & Ken wedding giftset arrived- just like I said it had! Hubby had not unpacked it, I am so glad!

I have extremely fond memories of playing with this set, the tuxedo and the wedding gown, which belonged to my aunt Gayle. My family is odd in that my mother is about 11 years older than my Aunt Gayle, my Aunt Gayle is 11 years older than I, and I am 11 years older than her daughter, my cousin Amy. What is even more odd is my grandfather is 11 years older than my grandmother....I guess 11 is a repeating number on that side of the It made for lots of fun when I was 6 or 7 years old and Gayle would come home from school........chips, dip, and playing Barbies! I loved the late fifties and early 60's Barbies, they were much more elegant than mine- I had the ugly Malibu and hippy barbies, no style, no beautiful hats.... lol. I guess that is why I am still addicted to Silkstones!

Well, they arrived and I have taken some pictures. Their arrival has spurred me to start working on finishing items for the dollhouse scene- I am also working on their wedding cake, and a wedding cake for the Tonner/Gene dolls too. June has sparked a series of wedding projects- I'm also customizing a $2 80's barbie I found at the Goodwill store and dressing her as an elegant bride.....another bridal project in 1:6 scale.

Enjoy the pictures!!


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