Friday, June 26, 2009

Agnes plans the wedding.....

From what I understand, my bridal pair have arrived via the post office today...I can hardly wait to get home to unwrap them, and bring them here to the shop at the dollhouse. Agnes has been feverishly planning the wedding with Marta (Fashion Royalty Body Double Veronique) and Penelope (Pretty in Pink Silkstone) while her Uncle Giles, (Sideshow Giles the Watcher, Buffy vampire slayer series) and his new fiancee, another watcher who is retired (Tweed Indeed Silkstone) watch sedately.

Today I created the drapes, and took some of those plastic chairs that comes with the round table in the Home series, and altered them a bit to be in keeping with my Bespaq Viceroy chairs, the drapes, etc. I had saved many pieces of the fabric from the Viceroy l &ll chairs, so I used this to make the drapes and recover those little side chairs. They make wonderful ballroom gilt chairs for against the wall for guests coming to the wedding to sit in. Here are some pics of how I made the valances - from foamcore, then covered them with the fabric. I used hot glue to put the valances together, make the pleats in the white chiffon drapes, and also to adhere the piece to the wall over those ghastly windows. I used gold leaf rub and buff- the only thing that gives a good coat to these cheapy plastic chairs. I will probably cover the table with white tablcloth for the wedding cake, wine glasses, etc. I am thinking of spending the extra money for the new skinny long barbie table, which I can also alter those chairs like this too. I need a really old action figure for the priest to marry them, I have some black cloth to create the vestments. The curtains are not that great, but after they are in place they make the room stand out- since the blue satin material carries over the wallpaper fluer-de-lis motif over it- and I like that- since I'm part French. I loved doing the pics for this scene today, it really looked like Agnes was having fun picking out the furnishings with the two decorators, and I have been itching to get in here and really create a good diorama scene for the dollhouse and its many inhabitants. I have decided to use this room for a variety of elegant scenes, etc. so it can be altered to fit my needs, such as a ballroom/party scene, comfy living parlor, office, boardroom, or even dining room. I am still working on the kitchen/dining room, but that may take a bit longer.Will post more when I get to the next step of the dolls dressed to attend the wedding of the year for the one sixth scale dollhouse!

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