Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dolls getting married soon...

I have started planning the next or rather, first offical diorama scene/photo story for the dollhouse with the purchase of the reproduction 50's wedding gift set today from .

I so remember playing with this set as a kid- it belonged to my aunt and her Barbie collection, the 60's Barbies were so much more stylish than the hippy barbies of the 70's. I have long wanted this set, but with so many new dolls, it was hard to decide. And my Jason Wu Poppy Parker dolls still havent' arrived yet....

Planning this scene I will probably use the drawing room with the chandelier. I'm thinking of purchasing the new long dining table and painting it white, and working on drapes with corded tiebacks for the drawing room/reception room of the wedding scene. I have recently begun to create wedding cakes in both 1:6 scale and 1:3 scale- I simply adore the Tonner Convention doll, 'I take thee, Matt...' and really wish I could afford her- I am working on a marvelous wedding cake for the Tonner size dolls. Larger scale foods are something I have recently become enarmored with creating, and a really over the top wedding cake for hte dollhouse would be great. Luchia will be a bridesmaid- that simple blue gown from the silkstone giftset will be awesome along with a beautiful bouquet.

The kitchen work has stopped- mainly because I really dread getting on my hands and knees to work on it. I have thought of just making it a dining room without a kitchen-- after all, Barbie doesn't really cook , does she? And neither do Agnes or Vanessa- they just order take out. lol So that is one alternative I have thought of for this room, make it a dining room of sorts.

No pics to show right now- but will b e posting some soon!


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