Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Gene Marshall Ice Skating on the pond!

 My new doll arrived and she is so adorable! She is a prize I won off one of the doll message boards called  The Studio Commissary which is a doll message board for doll collectors of Gene Marshall and friends. 

During the Christmas holidays, they had some fun games with prizes, and by chance I won this lovely Ashton -Drake Gene Marshall doll wearing a beautiful ice skating costume that had been pieced together and donated by a generous collector. She just arrived and I knew when I saw her that I had to create a picture perfect scene for her. So here she is- Gene is ice skating on the pond. 

The trees are ones that operate on batteries I purchased at Michael's on sale a few years ago, with coupons, and so are the potted faux plants. The 'snow' is that rolled Christmas blanket snow which can be cut to arrange around Christmas villages or around the base of your tree. The 'pond' is actually a boudoir mirror I purchased on sale for $5 at Dollar General. 

I was so pleased when I lucked out and found this little boudoir/ perfume bottle -vanity tray mirror by chance. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Now I can created other winter / ice skating scenes for my other dolls too. I knew if it sat flat =flat on the surfact it would be too low. 

Enjoy! and I hope you visit the Studio Commissary doll board, it has some great links and vintage photos and collectors to connect with! 

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Small Joys said...

Amazing job! Thanks for sharing! Joy