Saturday, July 18, 2020

More Ultimately Madra Lord.....

I decided to 'play' more with Madra, and was going to put her into another outfit I had on I went to undress her. Underneath her Pink with Envy outfit she was wearing....SQUEE! She was wearing her original loungerie with bra, panties, stockings, and garters!

                The shoes are from the Pink with Envy outfit. 


She is a gorgeous doll. Here is a close up . She has such a contemplative face.

Here is Madra adjusting those pesky garters and straightening her stockings. She is also going to have some tea/ or cafe au lait and a pastry before getting dressed. 

Ultimately Madra Lord doll- Ashton-Drake (Ebay seller sla2 )
Food created by me
Assorted plants came from Michael's
Picture on wall- Antique store find
Tea set from Tuesday Morning
rug- Dollhouse Miniature
Chair and Table in 1:4 scale- Bespaq, retired pieces, no longer manufactured

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Dorothy In PA said...

She is very pretty. I like how you have posed her.