Monday, November 4, 2019

New Frozen Dolls & Products at Walmart

The new Movie Frozen ll has sparked a new line of dolls, dollhouses, and toys that have overwhelmed the toy aisles at Walmart recently, and I am lusting after several of them. I resisted the first round with the first movie. But now- oh wow! I will let the pictures show you.

First up are the cool single pack assortments, with new characters!

There is this cool ice horse with Elsa, barefoot

         I have not watched the movie, but this seems like a neat character to have in any fairytale collection. I like his facemold. 

They also had these larger dolls for smaller children, they looked good quality, but would wait for the prices to go down a bit. 

These two sets are awesome! The Forest Expedition set and the Sledding set! $69 each. 
I absolutely must have that Sledding set with the reindeer and sled and Hans. Sigh. They are simply wonderful. If they were a little bit bigger, they would be perfect- the sleigh that is. 

             There were these wonderful wigs, shoes, and costumes so your child can dress up like either Elsa or Anna. Very realistic, especially the shoe boots.

Also this wonderful talking Snowman- Olaf? I think his name is. I keep forgetting his name. lol. 

Anna and Elsa's Ice castle- this one is really HUGE! I had previous photos from one I took a couple of years back for sale at Costco, this one is a trifle more expensive I think. It does not come with the dolls.

Individual dolls run about $12.88 at Walmart, I could not figure out if they were articulated, I do not think they are. I looked at the Disney website, and those might be with an articulated body. 

Now for the most wonderful piece of FROZEN - toys I have seen thus far---

A HUGE life-size Sven! He talks, nods his head, 'eats' carrots, and is called Playdate Sven! Supposedly a small child can 'ride' him as shown in the photo.

I want him to stand beside my 6 foot Home Depot Santa that dances and sings  and my Patti Playpal doll. He is just so lifelike- you have to go to Walmart and look at the display and see. 

Price was $89 he is awesome. 

Enjoy the pics!

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D7ana said...

New playscale guys? Applause. Thanks for sharing.

I think the Disney store playscale dolls ARE articulated. Not sure about the ones in brick and mortar stores ....