Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Poppy Parker...Merry Christmas to me!

The countdown to Christmas has begun and my hubster and I have been working so hard that it hasn't been that noticeable that Christmas is almost here...until today. We went out antiquing and thrifting at some antique stores and also visited the Russell Stover factory shop to get chocolates for Christmas. When we came back, Holiday Poppy had arrived! I was one of the lucky people who received the oppurtunity to purchase her, so glad I did, she is a wonderful Christmas Poppy. Better photos later when I get her hair adjusted and a more elaborate scene.
I found this adorable little cabinet for $2 at Goodwill, one of the shops we visited today.

Someone originally had used it as a jewelry cabinet, I am thinking of using it as a cabinet for pies and cakes in the patissierie. Mary Lou, my hard working Poppy is modeling off the cabinet for us. Some plexi shelves and it will fit right in with that shabby chic look I'm going for. 

We also visited one of our favorite antique shops near our home, Squashapenny. This unique shop is located in Doswell Va near the train tracks of what used to be a train stop back around the turn of the century. We were not allowed to take pics inside, so here is some Squashapenny goodness outside. 

In the 2nd to last photo, that is my hubcap looking at some antique items outside the steps. This used to be an old train stop, the brick building was the old bank, next to it was the old hotel, and Squashapenny was the place like a general store, where you bought your groceries, sodapop, ice, and feed for the horses. Yeah, it's that old. And there are MORE antiques in the back barn shed. There is a HUGE old fashioned pot belly stove in the middle of this antique store, and that is what heats the store. It is literally CRAMMED with antique crap. Somehow crap is more descriptive, lol. Statues, paper ephemera, antique leather lace up boots and shoes, antique store fixtures, tramp cigar box art, antique and vintage Christmas ornaments, and a plethora of other old stuff. It is a decorator's dream. One of the store owners also sculpts in scrap metal, so when you walk around to the back, there is all kinds of wacky metal sculptures. 
It was extremely cold so we didn't go anywhere else except the candy store, I'm sorry I couldn't get more pics of this place. Virginia has alot of unique antique shops that I adore shopping in - you never know what you will find as far as diorama prop heaven. My only problem with squashapenny is everything is hard to reach and shop- it is so crammed. I saw an incredible dollhouse vignette piece that would be perfect for a backdrop for my dracula and spooky dolls, but could not reach it to measure it, that's how stuffed this place is. 
Hoping to have some time to get more photos up before Christmas comes...


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing!
First of all, Holiday Poppy is really beautiful, I like her screening and dress, she's really sweet. Lucky girl, I know that wonderful feeling when you get an "unexpected" doll!
The thrift shop is an amazing place, I have to come to Virginia, I'm shure I'll love it!

Smaller Places said...

I'm waiting for your Holiday Poppy to croon "Santa, Baby." Santa would undoubtedly come running.

Squashapenny looks marvelous. I highly approve antique stores with large animals and scrap-metal art.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! Squashapenny is a great place. They used to have a constant rotation of items, I think they have better business in the summer and spring and fall when it is warm. They do not allow pics inside now, which bummed me out. I might get out and about today and visit my other favorite haunt, the garden gate - they do not have objections to pics inside.

My Poppy is my christmas doll...I love her. I can hear her singing Santa baby as well! I want to do a real allout Christmas shoot with her.