Friday, December 5, 2014

Elf on the Shelf couture....

My Cruz now has a new outfit thanks to Elf on the Shelf . Today I was in Target and ended up spending money, something I didn't want to do, but Target has so much in the way of diorama and doll candy I can't resist. I had seen Elf on the Shelf last year and didn't really pay attention. But it is a cute idea I am thinking of doing- the cuteness of the website has sucked me into Christmas-cuteness-sweet factor here. 
It is a little short on his arms, but it might fit the Mattel boys better. It matches his ski hat I made him out of the leftover Christmas socks- I need more of these with the black, it is a really cool pattern. The elf on the shelf items come in either boy or girl and apparently you can dress your elf up. There is a cool bomber jacket that I am going to go back and get as well as a football jersey that I think my Santa might need to have too. 

Johnny isn't impressed, lol. I might try the blouse on him if his arms are shorter. 
While at Target I also found ONE Christmas Chelsea left at my Target. 
She is very cute, I am not surprised that I can't find the rest of them- her little shoes are elf shoes!

While I was making Johnny's sweater, I also made my mini american girl Kirsten a little hat similar to the retired set.

All this elf on the shelf stuff has given me some ideas of how to add fun to the dioramas for Christmas! Elf on the shelf items can also be found at Hallmark, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other places that carry it. 


billa's dolls and fashions said...

It is very nice Lisa, how come that I can't find anything like that here.
Please can you tell me which kind of shoes Cruz is wearing? I like them a lot and they are not from FR

Lisa Neault said...

I think those shoes came off of a clothing pack I got at Kay bee toys years ago. I haven't found any like them since. They are big on Cruz- my biggest problem with these dynamites and hommes is they are so tall! I am going to have to sit down and make pants- I have two more CI guys who I suspect are taller and will need pants. Some of the action figure shoes and pants fit.
These shoes might..might be those retired Mattel My Scene doll clothing items? I noticed thesefit easily on the hommes or dynamite boys feet.Looks like I need to start shopping for the boys more since I have so many!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Thank you Lisa, finding trendy shoes for the FR guys is quite hard. I go right away to check the my scene clothing packages on e-bay!
Luckily I only have FR guys so I don't have to sew diffrent sizes of Homme fashions, but they never have enough of them!