Friday, November 30, 2012

The Victorian kitchen diorama....

Well, I worked on the walls for the Victorian farm kitchen I am currently working on...this is essentially to do prop placement on figuring out how much room I need for my Victorian family (the characters will soon make themselves apparent as they appear, ) One of the reasons I got started on this today was because of the stove- it is a large piece and needs a proper display. And also, because I was expecting this little beauty to arrive today, which it did!

The Ertl Maytag wringer washer!

Isn't it wonderful? The wheels that connect to the 'motor' really work. My husband fell in love with it- years ago he had bought one at a flea market and used it to wash his really heavily stained workclothes, he showed me how it worked.

I started on the farm kitchen diorama set up in my den because I have a couple of other victorian era items coming- and the stove needed a proper farm kitchen backdrop. I have a table that will get a red gingham tablecloth, as soon as Anja gets a proper apron and calico workdress, that ensemble she is wearing is a little too elegant to be washing clothes and baking bread.Here are some more shots of the kitchen so far-

the window is a traditional playscale houseworks window, stained and painted. the Farm picture is cut from a calendar.
The walls are of foamcore, covered in wood grained shelf paper.

And here is a view of the whole kitchen, with the stove turned against the rear wall.Forgive the wrinkles in the back wall of the shelf paper, this stuff is very hard to spread cleanly without a mistake.
I think it is coming along quickly. I am configuring my farm family that will be with these items, and still working on the storyline of the Victorians, who are the ancestors or 'founders' of Barbietown. So it will be neat to time jump between the two.
Enjoy the pictures!~Lisa


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love this kitchen scene. The window is awesome. You have very nice furniture and real .... keep in touch

Lisa said...

thank you Marta!