Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                              Happy Thanksgiving!

From the pic taken with my phone, the meal is overwith, and afterdinner coffee is being served, the plates have been cleaned up, and we are finishing 'digesting' before beginning to dig into the pumpkin pie....The day was a good one, with loads of goodies to eat and make, and most of all, time to reflect on the holiday, and what it means to each of us.

I had thought of taking elaborate photos of the dolls having Thanksgiving like I did last year, but remembered how chaotic it was- at the time I took those wonderful Thanksgiving photos, I was also taking photos for the Christmas cards I send out every year, and last year, I prepared all of the holiday photos and dioramas near the end of October- which is why I didn't do Halloween last year. Setting up for Thanksgiving and Christmas dioramas nearly killed me....and I didn't want to repeat that chaos again. So I am thankful for one, that I have stuck to a goal and that is to SLOW DOWN! Many times the frustration and worry I go thru during the week is I constantly sometimes feel as if there is no time to think, much less create like I really wish to with the dolls and the dollhouse. This year, I have been stunned at how much due to 'slowing down' my pace, I have created in a short period of time. Though I have not always achieved my project on my time schedule I set, I am beginning to understand and be thankful for what I do accomplish, correctly.

I also found upon reflecting upon the year and the many blessings that I and my husband Chris have received, that I appreciate my collection much more. Going thru the 'stash ' of fabric, craft supplies and diorama items I thought of new ways to use them and it was like Christmas morning, going thru boxes and sorting what to keep, what to use and what needed to move on. Doing this, I have appreciated my collection much much more and do not feel the guilt and pressure when I do make a new purchase now. I used to feel so guilty when buying a doll I wanted...and then equally guilty and paying more for her later at higher prices. lol....

I also reflected that I have enjoyed the holidays and what I refer to as 'doll anticipation' much much more now. Decorating is much more fun at Christmas if we can figure out new ways to stage the dolls with the new trees, old trees, and so forth. For now, some 'random' and 'just because' pics of the dolls and Barbietown, and of course, some of those Christmas ornament finds from the Christmas Mouse store I had mentioned in my post from yesterday.

Anja and Mrs. Albee having tea....more on these two later, as I have a project in the works for them.
Once again, due to browsing on Ebay looking for Victorian furniture & accessories.......more on that to

As for the Nativity project, that is still ongoing and I finally have some poor pics of the Action figure guy EvilKaren from Doll Divas message forum sent me from her doll stash. He makes a perfect Wise man.  I will try and stage him better when I figure out how I want his head gear/turban/ crown to the Nativity will be ongoing this Christmas. Now onto the Christmas ornament finds from the Christmas Mouse. Some of these you may be able to find at Hobby Lobby, like the deer head trophy ornament....

The deer head ornament was perfect scale. This is a poor pic of it over the dolls mantel in Agnes' bedroom, but you get the picture. I am thinking of using this in the salon/parlor or the dining room. Maybe the dining room. I really wish I had enough room in this dollhouse for a nice library, it would be perfect in a library or study.
Next is the dogs....I can't remember where I picked up the dog wearing the santa cap, probably Hobby Lobby, but the scottish terrier came from Christmas Mouse. They had all kinds of dogs and cats too.
Lastly, I purchased this snow covered lamp last year at Christmas Mouse, but have never used it. It stands about 9 or 10 inches high, so I am going to be putting it on a block of wood and raising it- plus probably buying more of these. They have lights inside. They are snow covered, but for the season I think that is ok. I need another one to stand outside the steps of the dollhouse, and two or three more for streetcorners in Barbietown. That racks up, as these were a bit pricey.
That is all for now, but I hope all ofyou have a very wonderful & blessed
Happy Thanksgiving!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Thanksgiving Day. Your doing a great job. Keep in touch

Lisa said...

Thank you Marta!