Monday, October 29, 2012

Pre-Hurricane Halloween party!

I thought a little pre-Hurricane/Halloween party was in order, while I still have power. The rain is beginning to pick up today, we have gone out this morning but soon came home. Many back roads further north towards Fredericksburg are being closed.

But I have been meaning to post something about Halloween, my week has been crazy and I had no time to set up for even minor pics. So today I thought I would give some neat links.

A Fanciful Twist had their Halloween party/tea on the 27th, but I did not sign up. However, she does a really cool Halloween party & her blog is awesome!

Since the dolls live in the pumpkin patch, which is quite magical here, I thought you would enjoy this pick above.

A Fanciful Twist Halloween party 2012  click on the link and scroll to the left for a list of participating blogs, it really is alot of fun!

In the Abbey Ruins, dolls were partying, trick or treating, as well as meeting the Wicked witch of the West and patroling for vampires and other things that go bump in the night!

Dont forget to go trick or treating TODAY over at the Doll Divas message board for their Monster Mash contests which are quite fun!

Above is the quick setup I did today. I am using the same cardboard structure for my Nativity scene I am planning for Christmas as the Stable/manger- but it works as the ruins of an old Abbey with cemetary for Halloween as well. I had made the crypt about two months ago and it turned out great- one of my best props I have made in a long time. Now if I can only acquire the W club Count Dracula who is on my wishlist, since this crypt was made for him. lol.

I have alot of spooky dolls on my haunted wish list, as I have always wanted to create a haunted mansion in 1:6 scale...Count Dracula and the Brides of Dracula by the W club, along with the Ashton Drake dolls - the Countess, Lucy and the Dark Hunters.
W club- Spooky Sooki dynamite girls
Mattel-  The Addams family giftset and the Munsters giftset from 2000
Sideshow- Ardeth Bey, Dracula Bela Lugosi, Frankenstein, wolfman, Angel, Xander, Human Spike, Vampire spike, and vampire Angel

hmmm, long list...better tone it down a bit!

I have always loved classic horror movies- and watching Svengooli on Saturday nights is my favorite! He is one of the last of the classic horror show hosts like Elvira, Mistress of the dark. This past Saturday night was Werewolf in London done in the late 1930's....really great old black and white classic. One of my favorites is the Mummy starring Boris Korloff as Ardeth Bey or the Mummy, and sideshow did a wonderful figure on this one, but he is quite pricey on Ebay.

All for now, and enjoy the links! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Sweet! Happy Halloween!

Lisa said...

thank you!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your photos and your creations for Halloween. The Shelly is very cute. The tombs are very original. You do awesome work. Keep in touch