Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The tiny BJD's buy real estate...

So my tiny bjd's have decided a neglected project of mine, a 1:12 scale Houseworks shop, would make a great 'candy' store, seeing as we are collecting all of this adorable Re-ment. I told them to write their business plan, and present it to the realtor, who would meet them there at the property. But first they decided to inspect it without the realtor there.

They all inspected the shop- it even has an old mailbox!

Dixie looked into the dusty dirty windows....

"What do you think Minuette??"

And then they pondered whether the location would bring in the most customers. They also did not like the color,but decided to save money and go with it, and do a combination pastry & candy shop....
Then the realtor appeared, much to their suprise.....

The for sale signs had been placed in the windows, so now they were just waiting for their realtor to arrive.

They were a little surprised that it was the Mad Hatter, with a
briefcase, & the key. They were not exactly pleased, but the hatter explained that he was a new apprentice,
and helping out the realtor for Mini Properties Inc. Evidently since the economy is bad, this little shop is top of the list to be sold. The tinies were pleased, they might be getting a bargain!

The hatter sat down and explained the terms of the lease if they wishedto rent. The tinies wanted to 'rent to own' ...I think they have been watching too many commercials on tv...but the  hatter was agreeable to that. He quite logically, asked how they would pay...and was surprised to be told in candy, of course. He did ask for a co-signer, which Minuette was ready for, her 'cousin' Mickey, who is wintering in Florida, would send the necessary backup candy capitol to their firm. So the Hatter gave Minuette the key, since she would be the primary partner/owner.

Minuette & Dixie & Maizey received the key, and then waved good-bye to Tarrant, the Mad Hatter Realtor.

Good-bye! & THANK YOU!

I can hardly believe now all we have to do is open! said Minuette
Maizey is still reeling from their huge business deal. "and cleaning the shop and repairing it! Look at all the dust!"
"We'll do it together! This will be the best candy pastry shop in the tiny town.!" said Dixie.
"You bet it will be! Let's go inside and plan what we need to do!" said Minuette excitedly.

Stay tuned for more tiny bjd candy shop stories!

~Lisa Behind the camera

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