Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tinies set up the Sweet shop...

Well, the tinies after attaining their lease where they have to pay in Candy! decided to rummage through the Re-ment and set up shop today. Minuette is the head honcho since her 'cousin' from Florida (hmm, wonder who that could be?) is backing her. She is carrying their brand in the shop, and is currently planning everyone's uniforms, which must be pink or red.
I had some wonderful mad hatter's tea items I had bought for the Alice diorama I am still collecting for, which looked great on the bakery shelf. I have some more Disney rement items coming as well. The Cheshire cat is from one of those quarter machines you put money in at BJ's...I have had him for a while. Now I need to go through my Fun Meals and Mini Sweets sets and put some doughnutsin the case, and dust...the tinies hate to clean.
I will be doing some more work on this little structure, I never finished the base part, it needs alot of touchup work. I plan to keep the wallpaper I have for it because it looks so soft and like candy. Enjoy the pics!

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