Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Mickey & Minnie Re-ment....

My Rement obsession with the Disney sets had arrived after I got back from my trip...I am going to be slowly collecting this entire set, as I love the tiny cakes, pies, etc. This set is adorable. So I wouldn't cut into the cutouts that come with it for the signage, I copied them on my scanner on parchment paper and applied to the little sign holders. The Mickey figure is not Re-ment, something I picked up in my travels. I am planning a Mickey and Minnie diner/cafe with all of the Disney Rement, which is quite ambitious. I am thinking of doing it in 1:6 scale, since the little tables are in that scale and would look too large for a 1:12 scale cafe...but will go with my tiny bjd's just as well, they will just look like kids sitting in the chairs. My DollFactory Mouse Bobo 2nd edition is on layaway, so my Bobo will be head of the diner. Well, off to order more Re-ment!~Lisa

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