Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New W club luggage for the girls; Re-ment has arrived!

Well, my Re-ment Mickey and Minnie table set arrived- and it is simply adorable. I am thinkiing of getting another set, and maybe the stitch set as well, they are simply too cute for words. One word of warning- they are rather small for Silkstones and Fashion Royalty, will probably work with smaller Barbies such as Skipper, Tutti, Kelly and anthro and tiny bjd's, which is what I purchased the set for.
Also arrived- my Fashion Royalty W club luggage- they were having a sale and I couldn't resist. I cannot stress how well made it is- I wasn't expecting the quality. they are lined, and have clasp locks, and my girls can hardly wait to travel...Vanessa is already got a vintage hat in the hatbox. I also captured some pics of my new retro Becky doll- I still haven't unpacked her clothing from the box she came in, I love her facemold. I have so many dolls now that I have to switch them around. I am already planning my Christmas card, last year it was quite large, but I am attempting to figure out how to make it look even more interesting. I will attempt to get more pictures of dolls with the Mickey & Minnie set, especially the tinies. It does fit 5 inch dolls quite well, I put a tiny Betsy McCall Tonner next to it, and she looked quite cute. For scale wise, I would estimate it at 1:9 scale for a Hitty doll vs. 1:6 scale.eNJOY THE Pics!

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