Thursday, August 13, 2020

Sizzling Poppy Parker

 I entered the lottery for this fabulous doll and received her a while back. I have just got around to taking photos of her in her box, - and she is simply stunning. 

Sometimes, a doll is so beautiful in their packaging, I can't bear to take them out. I am going to de-box her, as I am on a mission to 'play' and display my dolls this year as well as to attempt to re-purchase my dolls I have had to sell over the years- my 'regret sales', I call them. This Poppy Parker- Sizzling- is not one doll I will be selling, I am happy to say. 

Her box is designed to look like a piece of travel luggage, even down to the cardboard handle on top. It has photographed stickers on it and looks like a 1950's - 1960's piece of vintage luggage. So smashing. It is the details that makes the W Club worth the price. 

I will have more updated photos of her de-boxed soon. Toodles! Lisa 


Dorothy In PA said...

She is a very pretty lady and definitely someone who gets what she wants. I love the red dress. I can see her as the love interest for a 1940s detective or maybe (gasp) she is a suspect (laugh) he needs to interogate. Either way, she is a beautiful doll.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you! I thought she was so lovely, with the jet black hair and the japan skin tone. She is al ittle like the winter holiday doll they did a few years ago, only more seductive. She will be lovely displayed around Christmas. Now to get her out of the box.