Saturday, June 8, 2019

Happy World Doll Day!

Happy World Doll Day!

I have been absent lately, but did want to get some doll photos in of some dolls and teddy bears that I don't usually share here. 

These are some special favorites you don't usually see together, some special bears with my Madame Alexander vintage Cissy doll, one of my American Girl dolls Rebecca, Annabelle and Marie Terese, and two Boyd's Bears, a 25th anniversary bear Sterling and a Friendship Key bear. Here is Rebecca with just the bears. 

I think bears and dolls have a timeless, childlike quality that never leaves us, no matter what your age. I have begun picking up a quantity of fine quality bears and bunnies. I have had these two bears for sale in my Ebay store but will be sad to see them leave me. 

I also took some photos of the 'crew' and redressed some of them. Starlight Poppy is redressed in vintage Barbie, and one of my Barbies, to my delight, was already dressed in patriotic gear to match Aiden. I re-dressed Pillow Talk in a cute Snoopy outfit I had purchased ions ago but never put it on her until today. 

I finally got pics of this little guy! One of the newest Chelsea boys, the blonde headed one. I had purchased him about two weeks ago but never got around to taking pics of him or Skipper's new bicycle from hobby Lobby. 

Also new-  Storybook Kelly Red Riding hood

I already have the Raggedy Ann and Andy that were my mother's, which I intend to keep in the box. I will probably de-box this one. I also wish to collect the others and de-box them as well. My intentions are to create a little storybook dollhouse for them all to reside in. I really want the Goldilocks and the bear one next. I have really fallen for the older Kelly dolls, especially for the storybook ones and want to create a little dollhouse for them. 
This one is really cute, she even has apples in her basket!

And last but not least- it wouldn't be world doll day without Barbie and Ken!

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D7ana said...

Looks like you had a fun World Doll Day! Wish you many more in the future. Thanks for sharing the bears and different dolls.