Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Babysitters Inc. Kevin Has Arrived!

The elusive Kevin has arrived from my order on Ebay yesterday. I haven't yet de-boxed him. 

The seller was a fast shipper and boxed him carefully in a nice sturdy box. 
I was in Target and found the blonde Skipper for $9.99 after I had already placed an order for her at Toys R Us with shipping, but went ahead and purchased her so I have two of the blonde.  I might want to give one as a gift to someone in the Barbie club for Christmas, or a raffle doll, later in the year, or for a birthday gift for a friend. That's why it's so great to have a 'stash', lol. 

I think of all the dolls in this line, this one and Nikki are my favorites. As well as the Hispanic, she's quite adorable too with the beauty mark /mole on her lip. 
I just  hate  the Skipper with purple in hair. 

Here is a photo of the three of them deboxed with one of the Babies....

I have something special for tomorrow, for Valentine's Day, so stay tuned! 


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