Sunday, July 23, 2017

W Club Registration dolls have arrived!

Well, they arrived yesterday. I had ordered all three because Integrity gave W Club members this incredible deal if you ordered all three dolls you got the Dressing room diorama for free. Of course, being the prop whore, er, lady of the evening that I am, I couldn't resist, especially since it had a so-70's look to it. 

Today I finished up putting on their jewelry and setting up a little photoshoot with them all. I think of course, Swinging London Poppy Parker is my favorite. Riveria Agnes Von Weiss turned out better than I thought she would- I did not vote for this sketch, but the other sketch, as I dislike bell bottoms intensely. (I had to wear them as a child and hated them in the 70's. They are fugly.) But the outfit turned out more beautiful than I thought it would and was beautifully made. Majesty Giselle is very striking and beautiful. Her hair is gorgeous, and the unusual cuff bracelet with the handle that goes over her fingers is a first. I love the egg purse. My hubcap thinks it looks very Russian. I love the look myself. Especially those spatsy Victorian boots. 

These are of Giselle and that fabulous egg purse and of Swinging London Poppy. 

Poppy has this wonderful box that is shaped like a London telephone booth and I adore it.  I have in my collection of props a London mailbox bank that my great friend Leslie Greenberg gave to the Barbie fashion doll club as  a prize and I was lucky enough to win it at one of our meetings. I have not had a chance to use it but I have more scenes planned when Dark Hollows Poppy gets here- I just have to alter the box so it looks like a REAL telephone booth. Right now Poppy is mailing a letter to her good friend Victoria Poppy Winters to come soon! lol. You can tell I'm a fan of corny horror 60's soap operas?? My mother would never let me watch it as it came on while I was at school but she thought it was creepy and inappropriate because it contained 'witchcraft', and besides, she liked As the World Turns.  lol. 

I also received the free diorama dressing room closet with these dolls but have not set it up. I will do that when I look it over. Evidently there are no written directions with it and there are directions and supplies online but they are waiting to put a video. I hate it when they do stuff like this. I don't want to have to eat up my data to watch a video when written directions would be so much easier to include. I am going to have to look for buying another one as evidently you can only use one side of this diorama when putting it together. Another minus, so glad it was 'free'. 

Enjoy the pics! Lisa


iris said...

Beautiful ladies. I was tempted to get the Majesty Giselle but decided to pass on her. I love her dress and may have to go hunt it down on ebay. And the London telephone booth is just too cool.

Lisa Neault said...

Iris, I know! This Poppy is so fab- I think her box is adorable. I have a payphone magnet that I am hunting for in mystash that I going to put in her box to make it look like a real phone booth. I just can't find it right now. So glad I got Majesty.