Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fashionistas on sale at Target!

On my errands yesterday, I found the Fashionistas on sale at Target for $3.68!

Target also had the Our Generation items on sale, and many of their little playsets for the 18 inch dolls work well for Barbie and Fashion Royalty as props. Their Lori dolls also had clothing and the miniature playset food items on sale. It was a buffet sale on the toy aisle and my budget couldn't allow for the spending spree I wanted to perform! So here is the Fashionista (Pinky) that I purchased the biology Our Generation set for $5.99  I picked up. I want to do a Mad Scientist scene and this will look great. 

Isn't this set cool? It even has a board showing all the parts. And an atom part. I love the torso with the parts. 

Pinky I had almost purchased one time when she was $5 a few months ago but decided against it for some crazy reason and then I couldn't find her again at Walmart because she quickly sold out at that insane price since she's a favorite curvy girl. $3.68 is an INSANE low price for these dolls and I might go to a couple of other Targets today to rack up. 

Out of curiousity for dioramas, I compared her with Swinging London Poppy Parker. She is chunky to say the least. 

One great thing- the lime in their cute dresses match! Pinky's head is way bigger than Poppy's head so she looks out of scale. In this picture it doesn't show up so badly as it does in person. In the photo she just looks, well, curvy if you want to be 'nice' or politically correct or she just looks fat if you want to be blunt if you're comparing her to skinny Poppy, LOL. But that is the beauty of these little ladies, they give variety in a scene. Not everyone is model ready and it makes the dioramas look more realistic. 

So glad I was able to add this lovely to my curvy girls collective. 


monstercrafts said...

Some months ago I bought that one from Amazon and she was very wonky, so I sent her back. I've only seen her once in a store, and she was, again, wonky. I want her, but somehow I can't find one that has a decent face.

I wish in my country the Fashionistas would go down to 4$! I saw some yesterday for more or less 15$, which is too high for those dolls, however, there was a 50% on the second one. Unfortunately almost all the dolls that I wanted had a defect, one even had her teeth painted on her lower lip!

iris said...

Thanks so much for the heads up. I plan to do some shopping this weekend and Target is now on my list. Fingers crossed that I can find a few that's on sale on my wish list.

D7ana said...

Thanks for this news. Might get a few at that price ;-)

Lisa Neault said...

Iris, D7ana, you're welcome. You might have to shop a few Targets to get them at that price, I found all of my local Targets were picked over. Just keep going back. I think Target just keeps re-stocking them until they are gone from the back, the old fashionistas. I would just grab them all that you want, you can always sell them to friends who don't go by Target or give them as gifts to other Barbie friends.

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Love the curvy dolls, very fed up with all the unrealistic stick-dolls. Wish they were more bendeable though.