Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vintage Walk Lively Miss America Barbie- Happy Birthday to me!

This little beauty has come home just in time for my birthday today this week. I  really had a Quick Curl Brunette Miss America which I have been looking for without success and decided on this lovely Walk Lively Miss America but the seller slipped Quick Curl into the description. My childhood quick curl Miss America also had the Steffie face mold so this fooled me. So now I am still on the hunt for the actual  Brunette Quick Curl Miss America that was NOT a walk lively. 

She came with everything but her roses, crown, shoes, sceptre and sash, I had to buy the sash from another seller. The gown and cape were in great condition and with my eBay bucks I got her at a deal with free shipping. 

I am afraid my vintage doll club ladies are rubbing off of on me since I am beginning to want to collect vintage mod now, which meshes so well with my Poppy Parker collection. I loved PJ and Skipper and Francie. 

Today has not turned out to be that great of a birthday...I have been quite sick this whole week. I had to have surgery for a stent to be put in because of a large kidney stone and now this coming week I will be going to have the procedure to have it removed. So I have been staying home and mostly resting regaining my strength after being in the hospital. Hubby and the rest of the family have decided to celebrate my birthday later in the month when I am more 'up to it' and I agree with them. 

Have  a great May day!~Lisa


Muff said...

Oh, my goodness! I was about to wish you a Happy Birthday and then read about your illness. It may not have been happy, but at least your family was around. Hope you feel better fast!

Phyllis said...

So sorry to hear that you have been ill. My goodness, those kidney stones are terrible. Both of my brothers have had them and I know that the pain is horrific. Thinking of you!

Sorry to hear that you couldn't celebrate too much on your birthday, but I hope you do have a wonderful celebration when you are feeling better! Happy Birthday!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Muff and Phyllis! It wasn't much of a day, poor hubby has been doing laundry, and taking care of me, who usually does all of that stuff around here. Plus it poured , simply poured buckets of rain yesterday!

I decided taking pain meds and staying put in bed was a better way to recuperate and maybe celebrate when I am more up to it! lol.

Romona Jennings said...

Have a very happy birthday! :)

Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy belated birthday! I hope you are feeling much better since when you first wrote this post. Around the same time, I had a horrible sore throat for 10 days, which turned out to be strep throat, so I can definitely agree that being sick stinks!
This new doll you got is so pretty! I love her little face. :)
Thanks for sharing and get well soon!