Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love Revolution Cruz and Auden arrival...

First post of June - I'm a little late but have been really busy.  One reason is regular life and today, I had a happy dolly day- Love Revolution Cruz and Auden arrived! I missed out on the last dynamite boys and totally missed Kyu and had to buy him on the secondary market. So I was really glad to be able to order these two from mydealer. 

They are so from my time of growing up- though Cruz is supposed to represent the 70's- he's wearing a bicentennial t-shirtthat was quite popular when I was 11 years old and went to see the Freedom Train in Williamsburg with my parents that year. However, I don't remember any guys wearing gladiator sandals and clamdiggers. Maybe Virginia wasn't hip that way, lol...but Cruz definitely looks like a miniature BarryGibb from the Bee Gees- I expect him to start singing Stayin Alive any minute now. I may pull out the Jem and the other equipment sets I still have in their box so he can look cool and have a guitar. The one thing I dislike about this doll is his shoes. They SUCK. Gladiator sandals on a guy??? really??? I could understand slip on earth sandals- or clogs, but not these things. There is no way to get them onto the doll without serious problems to the shoe. So Cruz is going barefoot right now...I think I may have a surfer on my hands!

Auden is just screaming 80's...I look at him and see a cross between Billy Idol of the Sex Pistols and James Masterson who played Spike on the Buffy the Vampire slayer. All he needs is black tshirt, jeans and leather trench. For this reason I am going to be calling this doll Billy- his sneakers are FABULOUS! but again, they don't suck as much as the sandals to get on. 

Cruz will probably become the boyfriend of Spicey in Spain- who needs an apartment or home of sorts. More on that project later~ I am currently starting work on her place/diorama now. So I hope to get further along with the prototype work on that as I am experimenting right now. Ever have a diorama that just demands you think about it full time? That happened to me last night & so I finally got up at 2 am and looked at google images to work out what I had planned and draw some sketches. It's a challenge but one I am enjoying and have missed. I simply love to build. 

Here are some photos of Cruz and Auden on their arrival. 

Cruz had a neat jean backpack, a ring I think, besides his sandals. Auden had a kerchief or bandana- it doesn't look right around his neck, some kind of belt and a weird cross slung messenger bag. I think he had a belt too and earrings, but I think he looks better without earrings in his ears myself. I might want to put him in a tuxedo he looks more buff without the piercings. 

I still have the other projects but am amassing items I expect to arrive- mainly on the Chateau project. The doll I am having customized is almost finished and I was working on his outfit but stopped because I need him before I continue work on the pants and jacket. More props are supposed to arrive for that diorama also. These first two weeks in June are somewhat packed in committments so until I get all of that out of the way I will only be able to fiddle with the projects a bit. The unfinished props you see behind the dolls are part of a large diorama that I am working on for Spicey in Spain and Cruz- a beach cottage. Cruz is going to look great in my vintage mint 70's Country Camper and so will Poppy. I will be updating more with pics here until I get to a point where I can post the finished project. Enjoy!

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You are lucky to have them.