Thursday, February 24, 2011

New project: Miniature 1:12 scale Steampunk Tea table

Welcome to my new project! I know this is a post unusual to the one sixth scale dollhouse blog, but I have ventured back in to my 1:12 scale creations and am having a ball. I have been fascinated with steampunk, and steampunk miniatures. The world of steampunk is so creative, whether it be jewelry, clothing or decor.

My steampunk miniature tea table is in 1:12 scale. Not finished yet, but pics are posted on facebook page as well my King William Miniatures facebook page also. I did a special birds' eye maple on the table, and made the teacup/bread etegere, along with the cup rack. If you look closely, you can see the 'hot' water and the cogs and wheels underneath the server working to pump 'hot' water into the teacups. I also made all of the breads on the rack. Doll is from my personal collection by Sherri Colvin.
Enjoy! I will update the photos after I put the finishing touches on this item. Look for more steampunk items coming your way!

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