Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ghastly carpet is almost gone.....

Yep, I pulled up the carpet on the third and 2nd floors. It was not a day to take pics of my progress, to paraphrase Snoopy, "It was a dark and stormy night..." well, today was a dark and stormy day. This afternoon around 2 pm it just stopped raining, so I couldn't resist taking my trusty tools out to the workshop to attempt to get up the carpet.

When I pulled it up, I was amazed at how with a few cuts of the knife it was easy to pull up....

As you can see here, the creator of this obviously used glue to tack the carpet down. now onto sanding that floor and laying on my stomach to pull the rest of it up. I had to leave a bit of carpet around the staircase and the stair railling as you can see from this pic, I am hoping the stair rail and the staircase itself are just glued in, not nailed in, which will make it easier to get at those scraps. As the dollhouse is as tall as me, my back was killing me after pulling up this carpet! After the sanding and the rest of the carpet is up, I can then begin to prime and paint the wood to prep it for what I have in store for it. So much work to do before the fun part of decorating it begins!!


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D7ana said...

I can see how that would be some job, ripping and pulling up that carpet. But it's also reassuring that the dollhouse itself was made so well, you could remove the carpet without destroying the floors. That is some find there (grin).

Thanks for sparing time to take the photos and to post your progress.